How to be Parisian

Honestly I have not figured it out yet.. And I probably never will. I picked up some things already such as queuing in front of a restaurant means it is worth the wait to them so you should check it out! And the moment the sun comes out you should be outside considering all parks and terraces are filled with people.

But I don’t mind. There are certain things you can never learn, this is definitely one of them. I am after all just a small Belgian girl trying to adapt to the big city life.

I think I will always be “la petite Belge” to them, looking around sometimes like a deer caught in the headlights, quickly trying to take a picture.

(They are probably thinking to themselves again a picture of the eiffel tower, mon dieu..)

Paris is an amazing city and living here is a dream come true. It is however my fifth place I am living at in five years and it will definitely not be the last therefore I will try to write down the precious moments I spend here (and of my travels along the way). Plus I will (hopefully) give you a look into the hospitality world, as this is a big part of my past, present and future.

Hereby just a few of my favourite photographs of Paris.IMG_4924IMG_7905IMG_7930OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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