Big City Life

You either love it or hate it..

I know a lot of people who say that they could not live in a big city. They rather prefer to live in a small town where they know their neighbors and have their friends and family living closeby.


That is just not my thing. The moment I decided to study hospitality I made a choice that would change my life. I know that I would have to be open to move around in order to become someone (who knows maybe one day I’ll become a GM..).

So Paris is the first stop. You see I’m in love with big cities. I love how there is public transport at almost every moment of the day (you have to imagine where I come from the last bus into town went at 8:30). And if the metro is not an option you can always take an Uber!

I love to watch the tourists and the locals, eavesdropping into their conversations, which can be quite funny sometimes. I must admit that I have the advantage of speaking more then one language and understanding bits of others as well.

I love how there is always something to do, places to discover. I think it would take a lifetime to try out every good restaurant here and by the time you tried them all you can start again because so much has changed in the meantime.

And I can go on and on..

But enough about me, how about you? What do you prefer the big city life or..?




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