Hotel Bars are hidden gems

They are often hidden gems. And I know it is hard just to walk into a fancy hotel for only a drink but believe me it is worth it. The first time I walked into a hotel where I was not even a guest just to go their bar for a drink I was so nervous! I was a student on a budget (just finished my first year of college) and went for the first time in my life inside a 5 star hotel. Okay.. I dressed up a bit but you can imagine that I still didn’t feel very comfortable being surrounded by people who spend money like it is nothing. We went to the Eclipse bar of the W Hotel Barcelona.

And my goodness, it was so worth it! You have the most amazing view over the city and the cocktails were out of this world.

After that I decided to always put aside a small amount (they obviously cost a little more then the cocktails of your local bar) to go and have a drink in a breath-taking hotel bar. Don’t forget these bars can not survive on hotel guests alone but the general public often does not know hotels have such cool hangouts.

Honestly I got over my fear to walk into fancy hotels completely as I started working in the business myself. So now I challenge you to look up a cool hotel bar in your own city or the one you are planning to visit and go and have a drink. Believe me you will no regret it. Hereunder you can find some of my favourites of the ones I visited so far. If you have any recommendations for me please share them with me!





Eclipse at W Hotel Barcelona

Le Grand Salon at Hilton Paris Opera


Pandhof (terrace) at Kruisheren Hotel Maastricht


Sky Lounge at Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam

W Lounge at W Hotel Amsterdam


La Terrasse at Le Meridien Nice

Others I visited but unfortunately do not have a picture of:


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